Moritz TeichmannMoritz Teichmann, born in 1965, knew as a child that the magic of pictures
would be the guiding theme for his whole life. In the early 80ies he began
his professional career as a photographer by working as a freelance assis-
tant for several years. During this time he learnt to cope with challenges
any kind and to work at the remotest and fanciest places on earth. After this
time he focused on working with people: No matter if model, musician or the
girl next door he was driven by the idea to literally "ensoul" a commercial
message by the specific aura of an individual. By establishing a tense
relationship with his counterpart he tells stories with pictures and wakens
emotions of surprising intensity. Thanks his ability to create a relaxed
atmosphere of mutual understanding, to casually prepare for the right
moment and push the trigger accordingly his work condenses a story into
1/120 of a second. The unerring cognition of the essentials of a moment is
thereby nourished by his large experience and imaginative power. Moritz
Teichmann lives in Munich with his family and mainly works with selected
clients on a long-term base.


Moritz Teichmann Photography

Härtlngerstraße 5
81247 München


Telefon: +49 172 850 48 78

UST-ID DE 130606705

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